Cute Room Decor Ideas for Little Girls

5 Cute Room Decor Ideas for Little Girls

Little girls strive for a room that is fit for a princess. With all of the easy ways to outfit a room for the precious daughters within the family, there are a few that always stand out. Decorating a girl’s room does not have to be expensive; instead, picking a few items that provide a drastic impact will go further than one might think.

Picture Collage Board

Memories are one of the few things a girl will hold on to into adulthood. One can never take too many pictures. Instead of storing those precious memories in boxes, she can display them on a picture collage board. A simple piece of cork board with pins, decorative ribbon, and even foam shapes with glitter can really pop. For a greater impact, add several boards throughout the room.

Girly Bed Netting

Bed nets add a royal feel to any plain bed, no matter what it looks like. Some nets are simple and thin; others have multiple layers, colors, and even unique patterns within the fabric. A single bed net will add a large pop of color to a room, and they are very appealing focal points for young girls.

Personalized Pillows

Since a bed is always the main focus of the room, decorative bed pillows are fairly important. Girls tend to love personalized items. Handmade pillows that match the girl’s personal tastes are a perfect way to decorate the bed. A monogram pillow cover for her main pillow is the perfect way to top it off. She might have to be taught how to arrange all of her decorative pillows, but that’ll be an easy fix.

Shaggy Rugs

Few things are as satisfying as waking up in the morning and planting one’s feet into a luxurious shaggy rug. They are also handy for sitting and playing in the floor comfortably. The size of the rug will truly depend on its use, and the color should closely match the rest of the decor. They’re also perfect for avoiding cold wood floors during the winter!

Decorated Vanity

Nearly every little girl loves to play dress up with her ballgown inspired dresses and flavored lip glosses. A beautiful vanity fit for a princess is the cherry on top when it comes to the perfect bedroom. Try painting and distressing the vanity in a pale shade to tie the room together.

A girl’s room is her personal fairy tale castle. With a bit of help from her parents and her imagination, it can be decorated to suit her wildest dreams.

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