Dealing with Minor Health Crises Quickly Anytime of Day

Dealing with Minor Health Crises Quickly Anytime of Day

You never know when a health crisis will occur. You and your family may be fine one moment and in the throes of a scary illness or injury the next.

Rather than wait for hours to see a doctor at a busy hospital, you may want to get your situation under control quickly anytime day or night. With facilities like walk-in clinics, mobile health care services, or a free standing ER Houston residents like you can avoid the busy hospitals and get faster access to healthcare that you need 24 hours a day.

Range of Services

You probably are well aware that walk-in medical clinics offer a limited range of services. These clinics are also usually open a few hours a day and are not open on weekends or holidays.

With a freestanding facility, however, you get access to all of the healthcare services you can find at any hospital emergency room. You can go into these locations anytime day or night and get a wound stitched up, an infection treated with antibiotics, and even a sprain joint x-rayed and wrapped.

The medical providers at these locations can also see most patients regardless of their ages. Infants older than six months old and the elderly are welcomed at these locations as long as they do not have conditions that warrant more intensive emergency services like surgery or resuscitation.

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