Making Use of Wasted Basement Areas

One of the top complaints from homeowners across the country is that they don’t have enough room in their house. Finishing the basement off so that it can be used as an extra room is a great way to expand your living area. Once the work is completed there are several ways to utilize the space.

Functional Space

A finished basement can add to the functionality of your home. Think about how this additional space could most benefit you and your family. The basement can often be used as a guest area. This can be done by adding a bathroom and creating a welcoming guest bedroom. Some people like to set it up as a small apartment if they have people that often visit for extended lengths of time.

A finished basement can also become a very nice, quiet home office. The location is ideal as it is away from the normal day to day activity of the family. Book shelves and cabinets make perfect storage areas, and a desk and comfortable chair will complete the room. No matter how the basement is used, add mirrors to take the place of windows. They add brightness and make the room appear larger.

Recreational Area

Basements are ideal when it comes to fun. Put in a home entertainment system and you’ll know where the term “man cave” came from. Hobbyists can put in storage, add craft tables, and install task lighting to create an exceptional craft and sewing room. Families with children often find basements to be the perfect play room. Fill it with toys for the little ones, and put in a TV and plenty of gaming equipment for the teens.

Couples who often entertain love to create a bar setting in the basement. A long bar and stools can be placed along a wall, and a wine cooler is a nice touch. Those lucky enough to already have one in the basement from previous owners can get it up and running with Sub Zero wine cooler repair services.

Now that your basement is finished, enjoy the benefits that come with this additional square footage. Whether you use it as a functional space or for recreational purposes, your basement will add to both the value of your house and your enjoyment.

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