Bringing Out The Larger Bathroom

A small bathroom can sometimes get in the way of everyone in the family, especially if there’s only one bathroom in the home. One idea is to find free contractor leads who can give you ideas about adding another bathroom to the house. If that’s not an option, then you might want to consider remodeling the space that you have so that it functions as a larger room without any expansion.

Instead of plastic storage containers or those that hide the contents on the counter, place items in glass storage pieces or clear plastic if necessary. This will give an elegant look to the bathroom without the space being too cluttered with random items. Changing the floor in the bathroom can make a big difference. Hardwood can make the room seem much larger than it is as well as tile in lighter colors. Painting the walls in lighter colors also gives an illusion of the space being larger.

Add shelves on the walls that extend from the floor to the ceiling instead of storage that tends to stick out toward the center of the room. This will give you the space that you need to store your towels, washcloths and other items that are needed in the bathroom without taking up a lot of the room and preventing shelving units from getting in the way of simply walking around. Another idea is to get a shower caddy to hold all of your bath essentials so that you don’t have to keep them on the counter or on a shelf in the room.

Avoid going overboard with the decorations in the bathroom. If there’s too much clutter, then it will make the room seem smaller. A simple plant or a trinket or two on the counter is enough if you use the right colors on the walls and the floor. Blue and yellow work well together to give an open look. If you want to use darker colors, then consider a lighter shade on the trim. Shelves should be just a shade darker than the walls with towels and other items in a contrasting color.

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