Tackle the Clutter Once and For All

Clutter can consume your home and take over every free space. It makes even the largest home feel like the walls are closing in. It happens slowly over time without you realizing it. The trick is to get organized and stay organized by finding a place for everything from the junk mail to your favorite books.

Books and Paper

Create a home for all the paper and books that find their way into your home. Look for an out of the way corner where you can place a small desk. Put plastic bins on this desk for the mail. Designate one for the bills, one for friendly correspondences, and one for junk mail. Place the mail there each day as it comes, and pick one day a week to tackle it for good. Magazines can be placed in a rack either on or beside the desk,
and nice home office bookcases such as those from All Things Home will provide plenty of room for all those unread novels, cookbooks, and travel guides.


Clothing can over run the bedroom unless you have storage for each piece. The closet can be quickly organized by hanging up all dresses, pants, and shirts. Shoe racks can be added as well as belt and jewelry hangers for additional items. Articles of clothing like pajamas, socks, and undergarments can be placed inside of drawers. Look for a bedroom bureau with drawers on the bottom and shelves on top. The shelves will provide the perfect spot for sweaters and other items that can stretch when hung up.


Nothing creates clutter like toys can. We need them to keep the little ones occupied, but at the end of the day they can make your home feel chaotic and messy. A traditional toy box works perfectly for larger items while small pieces such as building blocks, doll accessories, and train sets can be kept in stackable bins. Be creative with your organizing. Over the door shoe racks can hold everything from crayons to action figures. The clear ones work best.

Once you have organized these main problem areas, it will be easier to keep your home neat and tidy. Spend a few minutes at the end of each day putting everything back in place. This will keep it from once again becoming overwhelming.

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