My ManChild

What can be worse when my  kids are sick, A husband who is sick he becomes needy and crabby. He is now the poster boy for a Man Child!!  What’s a Man Child you ask ? Manchild means, wherein the man in your life suddenly turns into a baby whenever he gets sick. He gets clingy, fussy and grumpy.

I think that there are times when he gets really sick and during these times he hopes hope to get my  attention and wants to be taken cared of just like how his mother took care of him.

I don’t really mind taking care of him I just don’t like how grumpy he gets. That’s what really gets to me. I know and I understand that men may be tough on the outside but their inner Manchild reveals how much they still need to be babied  just like their children with tender loving care when they get sick. Irritated by what he feels what with the bad cold and the throbbing headaches, the Manchild needs immediate relief and all the support he needs to get back on his feet fast. That’s my Philbert my Man Child. I will take care of you until the Man takes over the ManChild stage.

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