Shows On Board The Superstar Aquarius

We saw a great show by master magician and illusionist – Loris Togni. According to the introduction he is the descendant of the magnificent Togni Family of circus shows in Italy and producer of illusion shows in big theatre productions in Asia, Australia and Europe.

Keeping up with the novelties of illusions, Loris Togni has always been ready with new ideas up his sleeve keeping him very elegant and professional in his craft. After watching the show I was glad to witness a true amazing wonder of the master onboard the SuperStar Aquarius.




We also saw a show which kept us on the edge of your seat in a breathtaking dose of entertainment. The title of the show was Super Star Aquarius presents ‘The Edge of Glory’ Featuring extraordinary stunts by the world-class acrobat champions from Europe; I came in not expecting anything so as not to disappointment. Though they said prepare to be amazed. I was indeed amazed by their dazzling costumes, music and choreography all combined for a glorious powerhouse performance.

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