A Special Delivery

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I am actually not ashamed to say that The Generics Pharmacy is my go to place. I go and buy my medications there if they have it in stock. When my kids are sick and we need paracetamol that is our go to place. Others might scoff at me and say i’m being too stingy or putting my children’s life in danger by buying generic medicines.

From what I understand they offer Imported Generic Meds from Pakistan, India and China and also get from Local Manufacturers here in the Philippines (in bulk, to make the price cheaper). It might be generic meaning it is not branded but I know for a fact that those are not fake medicines.

I know for a fact that they guarantee that their The Generics Pharmacy prices are way lower than the existing distributors you know. They can definitely supply your Generic Meds, mostly OTC (over the counter Meds) at a very low Price. Also, all Meds are BFAD approved and has the same content and dosage as the Meds you buy from from BIG CHain of Stores.

This year they already made an agreement with City Delivery which is really another improvement. They have found another way to reach their customers. With a minimum purchase of 1000 pesos they will deliver the medicines. Of course you need to give them a scanned/faxed copy of your prescription is required before the order will be processed. I am really amazed at how City Delivery makes our lives so much better.

They offer great quality service and now they’ll start offering great quality medicines too. This is really a great development because the convenience is just a phone call away. No longer will you have to spend so much time going from one drug store to another because you need to look for your medicine.

For more details on the City Delivery visit their website
You can also call their hotline number 87878 or 09176387878
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