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mother of someone who has Autism. My ultimate pet peeve is when people make jokes about Autism. People should be sensitive about this. I even wrote something a few years ago against a politician the whole entry on that can be found here. I thought by now people should know better and at least have a better understanding of how to say things the politically correct way.

I thought wrong because I read the speech of Archbishop Soc Villegas and he used the word Autistic. Seriously!!!! someone even had the gall to say to me maybe he was taken out of context.

”I know many of you, my dear youth, do not believe in the Church anymore. You think the Church does not understand. That the church is autistic. May sariling mundo.”

Autism is a neurological condition affecting millions of Filipinos. Individuals with autism have a unique way of processing things they see, hear, feel, taste and smell. . Doctors consider it a developmental disorder. Governments legally recognizes it as a disability. Families who live with autism have daily struggles not everyone can understand. We are struggling with so many things and these jokes are not helping our kids at all.

The word “autistic” is not a joke or an insult equivalent to beng unintelligent or indifferent. It is hurtful to families who live with autism when the word “autistic” is used to describe bad behavior or frustrating situations. Humor us please by telling me where the punch line is. I honestly can’t see it all..

To use the word “autistic” without understanding its meaning is not right. It is not kind. The misconception it breeds is the root of bullying against many children and adults who live with autism in the Philippines

I read this in the Autism Society fan page and I’m copying it here. Because I am making this my own personal advocacy. Let us promise to act to stop the derogatory use of the word “autistic” and to promote the true acceptance and inclusion of Filipinos with disabilities. One simple promise can spur the change that may make life better for millions of Filipinos with autism.

Remember a “Like” is NOT ENOUGH! Spell out your pledge on Facebook, on Twitter, or on our on-line form. It is as simple as writing these words on your status update:

Facebook: Gumawa ako ng @1pangako na kikilos para mahinto ang maling paggamit ng salitang “autistic” bilang katatawanan or insulto. Isusulong ko ang tunay na pagtanggap at pagkalinga sa mga taong may disabilidad.
Twitter: Gumawa ng @1pangako na kumilos para mahinto ang paggamit ng salitang #autistic na katatawanan o insulto. #1pangako

Or be as creative as you want! Take a photo. Make art. Compose a song. Create a video. Express your pledge in a form most meaningful for you.

Kumalap tayo ng ISANG MILYONG pangako!

29 thoughts on “NO TO AUTISM AS A JOKE”

  • So very true! It’s not a joke and people should be more sensitive to those who struggle with it on a daily basis, whether they struggle with it themselves or have a loved one who does. Great post!

  • Great post! Very well put and I agree!

  • yes why do we always poke a joke on someone’s condition, shouldn’t we feel grateful that we are okay than others

  • I know how you feel, my eldest son has speech difficulty and it is hard to see others making fun of him. But ,the best thing is he is smarter than them, in fact he is an “straight A’s” student. Hope people will start to realize that Autism is not a joke ,they should be sensitive enough to others feeling.

  • We believe that self-advocacy is essential to this process and that there must be RESPECT FOR LIFE. Pity those people who are insensitive about this.

  • People should be more sensitive for cases like autism.

  • This one is a sensitive issue. It’s not a joke!

  • First and foremost, RESPECT is needed. People are aware that there are those who struggle to live as normally as they can with this condition. They deserve to be treat equally and to receive love and care, if not more.

  • I am definitely against this. Posted this on my FB too =)

  • I feel for you, I also have a child who has Albinism and it pains me when people treat him differently or make fun of his physical appearance just because he is unique.

  • I’m with you Leira on your sentiments. My son has Pervasive Developmental Disorder. I haven’t been directly attacked or felt whatever form of indifference or ignorance yet, but the moment I am I know I’ll be ready. Hang in there. You are not alone.

  • True. In any form, it shouldn’t be used if not knowledgeable about it. Otherwise, you will not earn other people’s respect.

  • I find it so ironic that someone like an archbishop would go in front of people and preach about not judging others and to help and be a brother to them, yet gives speeches like this when they are outside church. Any condition, regardless on the severity is no laughing matter. Shame on him for doing that.

  • Most people don’t think before saying something. We should all learn to be respectful and sensitive. i agree that we should not use autism as a form of joke or insult.

  • Think before you speak. This one also applies with this kind of case: autism.

  • This is just the thing I can boast about. I am pretty sure I have never said the words “autistic” for jokes nor a comparison for any disabilities that can be compared. I find it a sensitive topic.

  • i think the Archbishop is just expressing. i think he’s not bullying autistic people in what he has expressed. May sariling mundo talaga ang Autism. i have a best friend who had an Autistic child and I have a friend who is also Autistic. They are good people and very friendly. i respect them.

  • You have every right to feel this way. We should all be more sensitive to each other’s feelings and stop using “disabilities” in any derogatory way.

  • i agree with all the above. this is not a joke or whatever. people should pay respect as well as they want to feel to themselves xx

  • While I might sympathize with people directly dealing with special children, I will never understand fully what you guys have to deal with on a daily basis. I believe people need to be more sensitive in using labels as derogatory terms even if it is not meant to inflict pain on you guys who have loved one who has autism.

  • it is really important for people to be aware of this and for them to be sensitive to someone’s feelings. it’s hard to accept that that insensitivity came from an archbishop who in the first place should see that God is in every person.

  • Our organization used to be involved in the Autism Society. I saw a lot of talented kids in that organization. They have every right to fulfill their potential.

  • I had a month’s rotation in a facility working at special child facility and it was a heartbreaking yet affirming time for me. The autistic children were some of the most talented and brightest I have seen while there. Because of that experience, I wanted to go into child and adolescent psychiatry. Unfortunately, one cannot go into this sub-specialty without passing through general and adult psych which I was not too keen about. A lot of love, patience, understanding and acceptance goes into this field of practice. As to Bishop Soc, I don’t think he meant it in a derogatory manner. Thoughtless perhaps, but not meant to insult autism in general. I hope he read the reactions to his statement so that next time, he would be more thoughtful in using terms that may offend segments of society.

  • I saw a wonderful group of kids with autism that joined the “So you think you can dance” show. Very very impressive. Super touching, as well.

  • Children with autism should not be mock instead they should be cared.

  • We still need to spread awareness on this thing. BTW, very good blog post sis!

  • I know how you feel but let us near in our mind that our child is a blessing from GOD…. Carol

  • thank you for this blog. No, autism is not a joke. It should never be in ANY way be used as a joke. It should never in any way be used to describe a people in a lesser state – as what archbishop did. He should know better. shame on him.

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