Adrianne Tries Karate

We were invited by Infinity Tutorial Services to attend t

heir family day. According to their brochure and company information. They tell the parents that your kids’ future must always be your top priority. Isn’t that the reason why you aim to enroll them in well-respected institutions and even pay those educational plans just to ensure a bright future ahead of them?

Make sure they learn and retain all of those lessons with an After-School Tutorial Service or, for your toddler, Early Childhood Development Playgroup at Infinity Tutorial Services. Whether it’s help for homework or acing exams, this offer will definitely do wonders. Infinity Tutorial Services (I.T.S.) has experienced tutors, along with a teaching methodology that makes use of state of the art technology that aims to mold and sharpen young minds, so that they not only retain information transmitted to them in the classroom but also understand this information. It’s never too early to invest on your child’s future, so let I.T.S. help you in keeping your child’s knowledge a top priority.

I believe in investing in your child’s education that’s why sent her to a very good school and that’s also the reason why I decided to postpone other extra curricular activities so that she can focus on her Easy Math. When we got there she was happy to see Dana and Danica. They were happy to see her too and I was so happy that she went with them and played with them.

But when kids were invited to do the demo for Karate she just couldn’t resist and decided to join the fun.

Here’s a video of her trying to follow the teacher:

Here are some photos of her in action:

So proud of her for trying her best to follow the Instructor

Doing the hand position with shout SA!!!!
Trying to Kick..

Adrianne had so much fun and we will avail of the trial class soon and see how this goes. If she still likes it after the trial class is over we might enroll her.

I.T.S. offers after school tutorial for preschoolers to college students. They have foreign language lessons like Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and so on. They also have SPED tutorials and TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS courses. Special courses like ballet, hip-hop, zumba, and violin are also offered. Price per session starts from P300 to P500 per hour, depending on the program.

For more information on Infinity Tutorial Services, go to or check their Facebook page

Infinity Tutorial Services
Units 1003-1006 Trade & Finance Tower
7th Avenue cor. 32nd Street, The Fort, Taguig City
Tel. (02)4785957 or (02)6214181
Cel. (0922)8785919 or (0917)8005046

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