Happy Place

Today I was at my happy place. I was in a room fille

d with happy people sharing, caring, supporting one another. I was looking forward to this event for weeks.I woke up early to be there but I was late because it was raining. When I got there I couldn’t help myself I felt like I was a kid in a candy store. It was really my happy place I was so happy and giddy and excited. I remember the same kind of feeling when my sister Grishan and I went to Big Lots. We saw lots of very, very affordable items from Making Memories. I went crazy I didn’t know what I should buy and how many I should get. It was really that same feeling.

It was great to see kindred spirits who lived the mantra I’m Broke But I’m Happy..This event has really inspired me to scrap again.

Little by Little, slowly but surely. I can’t wait til I find the time to go to Lasting Impression again I can go back to my Happy Place once again.

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