10 Things I Like About Myself

My friend Liv posted a challenge to write 10 things that we like about ourselves. I admit th

is was a tough one because no one really has a list of the things that they like about themselves and she was also correct when she said that we are our own worst critics. It took me 3 days to come up with this list..

  1. I love that I am going to get what I want out of life and give back as much life to others as I possibly can.
  2. I love to laugh
  3. My honesty
  4. I am romantic
  5. I go with the flow
  6. I optimistic
  7. My ability to always see the good in people
  8. I can be goofy but also serious
  9. I am a hopeless romantic
  10. I love eating and enjoying what others have to bring to the table of life.

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