A Day In A Moms Not So Boring Life

Have you ever wondered about other people’s lives? What they do day in, day out? I have always been curious about this. I think that’s why I joined BC Blogger’s new MEME the topic this week, “A Day in My Not So Boring Life.

Unfortunately so many people seem to have the idea that a day in the life of a stay at home mom is an easy one and most feel that being a stay at home mom is not a real job. When you’re a mom and you work at home, most people think that “work at home” is code for watch television and take a nap; however, there are so many things a stay at home mom does during the day that no one sees or appreciates. I myself have children, an 11 year old son with autism and a 4 year old daughter, so life can get a bit hectic in this home. So, the following is a small glimpse into a day in my life as a mom who stays at home and also works online.

6:30 am – It’s 6:00 in the morning and the alarm is going off incessantly and I’m contemplating throwing the thing across the room; however, I go ahead and roll out of bed, wishing for a few more hours of sleep. Trying to wake up Philbert a challenge in itself and one time I literally had to drag him out of bed because it was already 7am and he’s so late. So once he actually starts to take a bath. I prepare his towel and I make his coffee.

6:45 am-I do a little quiet time and start my day with a prayer and check my sugar if it’s higher than 100. I have to inject insulin in the morning.

7:30 am – The kids are clothed and possibly in their right minds.Joshwa goes to school early with Irish and he wears his patagonia back packs and I stay with Adrianne I make sure that she has what she needs for school and her Easy Math Homework is done.

8:00 am –10:00 am – If it’s after payday I prepare the things that I need to go and drag myself to the bank I don’t want to get caught in a bank rush. I also need to squeeze errands that Philbert needs me to do like buy his gel or pick up something for him.

10:30 am – I’m finally back home and it’s time to  see Adrianne who is off to school. I finally get some quiet time and go to  work. I’ve got a huge amount of work to get done before the kids get home, which is a tall task.

11:00 am – Now that I’ve been working a couple hours, I suddenly remember that I never got a chance to grab anything to eat this morning, so I set about making an early lunch.

11:45 am – While eating my lunch I’m still at it and trying to finish what I need to do.

12:25 pm – Joshwa arrives home from school and I sit with him and ask Irish about what happened in school and any activities within this week.

1:00 pm- Joshwa and Irish leave for Easy Math Class and Irish waits for him there.

3:00 pm –   Joshwa is home and is watching television. I once again ask Irish for feedback about how his Easy Math was and he behaved during the session.

4:30 pm – Adrianne is home and she and Kuya start fighting again on who gets the remote and the screaming fest begins usually Adrianne starts the fights. I realize it’s time to bring out the headphones to my computer if I’m going to get any work done. So, I turn up the music, get focused and start back to work again.

5:30 PM – The kids have dinner early it’s a habit that I picked up from my dad we used to have dinner before 6pm as a child. I sit with my kids when they have dinner..

6:30 pm – My husband is walking through the door after taking care of some business and I realize the time and scurry to get ready and prepare his dinner. He goes into the room and changes into his pambahay and stays in the room and he listens to his music.

7:00 pm – Before I have dinner with my husband and start catching up with him on how his day was I check my sugar and inject insulin then I have dinner.

7:30 pm – After spending time with my husband, I pull out my laptop again for a bit more work. In between helping my daughter with her homework if she has any, I manage to get a bit more work done before it’s time to get the kids in bed.


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