15 Things That Make Me Happy

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  1. 1. Scrapbook Materials- OMG!!! Joann’s in the US was my happy place I could get lost in that place. My sister would also bring me to Big Lots and we will both go crazy. Here in Manila I love Lasting Impressions though I rarely go there now
  2. Books- I love books!! I will always get a thrill out of reading and turning the pages and smelling the paper.
  3. Facebook- Don’t you just love how facebook brings people together.
  4. Money- enough said
  5. Vacations- I love going on vacations with Philbert he is the best travel partner.
  6. Dinners with the family- I love eating out with the family especially my parents.It gives us time to catch up.
  7. Girls Night Out With My Tita’s- I will definitely drop everything and cancel my appointments when we have our Girls Night Out. I rarely see them and I miss them.
  8. Drawings from Adee- She never fails to make me happy with her drawings which she says she made just for mommy.
  9. When Joshwa says I Love You Mommy– It always makes me teary eyed , I mean it really gets me all the time. When Joshwa says I love you mommy!! Priceless!
  10. Food- I love Food and despite my dietary restrictions I will always be a foodie at heart.
  11. Events- I would be lying If I didn’t include this is in my list. Though I’m really supposed to be taking it easy for awhile.
  12. Cheese Pimiento-I love my mom’s Cheese Pimiento ,she told me her secret ingredient but there’s something special about it.
  13. Gifts from my sisters- I love getting stuff from my sisters, It’s always special to me because it came from them.
  14. Romantic Gestures from Philbert- Philbert is not a romantic so when he says romantic things or does romantic stuff or shows and expresses concern about me. It does my heart flutter because I’m not used to it. One time he gave me sterling silver necklace I was totally happy about it.
  15. Another thing that makes me happy is being rewarded for the work that you do.

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