Big School

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A lot of people have been asking about Adee and how she’s coping with Big School. Thankfully she’s doing better than expected and

i am thankful that a support system is in place for the parents which is a relief. I would be so lost and confused and I honestly wouldn’t know what to do.I always ask her about her day and she tells me about her day and she would excitedly tell me about what they did in school.

School Stamp (Taken with Instagram)

Another thing that I like about her school is that the snacks are already paid for and they serve healthy meals. They also give the parents a list of what they will serve for 1 month.

Adee’s School Snack for July (Taken with Instagram)

They also gave us a calendar of activities so that we know what to expect and so that we also know when the schedule is for the assessments ( a new term for exams)

School Calendar (Taken with Instagram)


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  • I can’t wait for my daughter to enter school. I like this program of your school, public schools don’t have that based on my experience. Looking at the list, it looks like they are offering healthy and kid friendly meals. How fun is that, they have Koko Krunch!

  • cute pretty girl! 🙂

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