A new kind of building intelligence

When you say “building intelligence,” it’s not just about infrastructures being ultra modern or highly automated like having a central fire alarm system, high speed elevators, twin-pipe water systems, remote controlled accommodations, etc.

 To some, “building intelligence” is about erecting your home or building in the most practical, convenient and efficient way and making its other elements work for the owner and allow him to get value for money for his investment.

Take the case of windows. Well, not just any ordinary window. It should be “IQue windows.”

With window film products that offer building owners of today to save on electricity, be environment-friendly, and safe from the dangers of the sun’s harmful rays, IQue products also promise product superiority and premium quality that makes every centavo and peso truly worth it.

For people who want to protect their home and its inhabitants from harmful ultra-violet (UV) and infra-red radiation, IQue’s window films help filter out these dangerous rays of the sun and yet maintain enough visibility.

Ultraviolet or “UV” rays are those that come directly from the sun. Though valuable in the overall ecosystem and even in our health for our bones and teeth, these rays can also harm our eyes, hair, and skin in the form of “sunburn” or perhaps even skin cancer.

Just like UV rays, infrared is the “solar spectrum” from the sun, a form of solar energy responsible for the heat we all feel and essentially what makes areas such as our homes, cars, or stores become hot. This is a form of discomfort that everyone would naturally want to eliminate via a cooling system such as an air-conditioning system or block through window films. When trapped in the atmosphere, infra-red rays also help contribute to bringing back solar radiation towards the Earth, or what is called a “Greenhouse” effect that makes the Earth even hotter and therefore, more dangerous.This is such a great technology I think the creators even have a professional liability clause which assures the consumers that there are mechanical flaws involved.

The beauty of IQue’s products is that it helps reflect or reject UV and infrared rays and yet maintains the natural appearance of any ordinary glass. This is possible through IQue’s technology of multi-layer dielectric stacks or sputtered metals that enable it to intelligently block unwanted ultraviolet and infrared rays. Yet, the technology allows a significant amount of natural and visible light to pass through the glass, paving the way for more savings in electricity consumption.

Moreso, IQue’s films are virtually clear, which means non-tinted and almost colorless compared to the traditional “dyed” films so it doesn’t change the appearance of your existing window or glass. This is the reason why architects, project managers of both high and low-rise buildings and homes recommend IQue products because of its environment-friendliness and overall cost efficiency and will not affect the aesthetics of any project.

Among their bestsellers are the 73FG, especially for high-end customers who want nothing but the best and will really spend for it. Now adapted for commercial use, the 73FG rejects as high as 94% of infrared and 99% of UV rays and at the same time allows for 70% of visible light to pass through. This product is ideal generally for homes and buildings where more visible light is achieved but with minimum amount of heat inside.

Also available is the IQue 53GII, the company’s next-generation film that offers 96% infrared and 99% UV rejection and 58% visible light transmission and is touted as the only clear film in the market that has an glare control feature. It also offers a low 7% visible light reflection, meaning it’s as if you’re looking at natural glass, which architects usually choose for their projects.

“We have enough products that cater to every homeowner or building owner’s needs, particularly those who are inclined to erect ‘green’ buildings, homes or neighborhoods that comply with existing environment rating systems like LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). We even have products that provide resistance to glass breakage to reduce injury or protection against theft, natural disasters or even terrorism. Overall, our products really help in not only enhancing your homes or buildings but also make it more intelligent,” explains Roxanne Lee, Vice President of Global Frontiers, Inc., the exclusive distributor of IQue window films in the Philippines.

For more information about IQue window film products, visit the Global Frontiers, Inc. showroom located at the 18th Floor, Ramon Magsaysay Center, 1680 Roxas Boulevard, Manila, or call (+632) 521-7392/525-5009 (fax) or email globalfrontiers.ph@gmail.com.


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