Joshwa As A Little Boy

This photo was taken by Auey Santos this was taken when Joshwa was 2 years old.  This was taken at a N@W party. I love his smile and it was very rare. I was glad that Auey captured that special moment. That was a very challenging time for us .He was recently diagnosed with Autism and we were all struggling with it. I remember during those days gas prices were much more affordable, iSi Components was not as common and best refillable gas cylinders  weren’t really that popular. I can’t help but reminisce so much lessons that I learned along the way about what to do and what not to do.

I had to learn those lessons the hard and painful way but I’m thankful because it has helped me become a better person, a better wife and  a better mom. Joshwa is now 11 years old and is much more verbal and can express his wants and needs.

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