I Am Back

I was confined for a few days I sprained my ankle and it looked like this:

It was a series of unfortunate events.. i woke up i couldn’t move my left hand i was rushing to go to a Adee’s PTA i fell 3 steps  going down the main lobby of our condo and I couldn’t walk so i went to the Doctor he next day with Philbert because my foot was swollen and I was in pain.

My left hand looked like  this and I couldn’t close and open it and it just wouldn’t move it was paralyzed

When we got to the Clinic  i was told to go to the Emergency Room I was admitted the same day. After a series of tests like CT Scan,MRI, XRay  they told us i had a mini stroke on my left hand.

My sister was right when she told me that I was lucky as this could have been worse. Had I not fallen down the stairs I would have ignored what I was feeling and I wouldn’t bother to go to the doctor and allow myself to be confined for 5 days.

Thank you to everyone who called, texted, sent messages of hope, encouragement and tough love.Thanks to those friends and family who visited me and to Marisa for visiting my home for making sure  that my kids are okay. Thanks  to my inlaws for helping us out with the hospital bill it was really appreciated.

While I was at the hospital I was thinking about my Mom and I really missed her so much but at the same time I didn’t want to email her to tell her what’s going on because she’s on a well deserved break with my dad. I figured i’d tell her about it when she comes back. The last  thing I want is for her to worry about things back home.

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