On Submitting To Your Husband


A happy marriage is more than the “I Do” on the wedding day. It comes after all the preparations, After everyone has left all the suppliers have been paid including the  wedding florists mn . It is hard work and can be a lengthy process. Believe me, no successful marriage is arranged in heaven. God made men and women capable of making marriage work!!! This does not come effortless.

Many of us enter marriage with impossible dreams and unrealistic expectations.No one could tell us about the flaws in our choice of a spouse. We were in love and our love would surmount all obstacles. The problem is we are focused on the wedding the preparations and even looking for the wedding djs mn but we don’t focus on the marriage which is the reason that we are getting married anyway.

Two months into the marriage and reality will start to set in. You start to discover a lot of things both good and bad. The in-laws that you thought you love will make your marriage MORE complicated.

Courtship and marriage may begin with romantic love, but for a long-lasting relationship, romantic love must be complemented by maturity, trust and respect. Special personal qualities are crucial for a happy relationship: commitment, sensitivity, generosity, consideration, loyalty, responsibility, trustworthiness.

Romance and mutual attraction are important for a happy marriage, and should not be overlooked. But you cannot live on love, no matter how romantic that sounds.
Romantic love is not enough when you and your spouse lack what it takes to sustain a relationship as intimate and as spiritual as marriage.

According to M. Scott Peck’s book the Road Less Traveled, Love is not a feeling it’s a commitment. When you tell someone that I love you. You tell that person that I commit myself to you. That’s why I’m sad that people seem to take that word lightly.

Couples need to cooperate, compromise, and follow through with joint decisions. They have to be resilient, accepting, and forgiving. They need to be tolerant of each other’s flaws, mistakes and peculiarity

Marriage is a reflection of our relationship with God. We submit to our husbands, they submit to Christ and Christ submits to the Father. If we have no respect for our husband’s authority, then we have no respect for God’s authority. Sometimes God doesn’t do things the way we think they ought to be done, same as our husbands, huh. Sometimes we have to hang on because the ride gets bumpy. But, somehow we always have a sense that God’s having everything in control is OK while our husbands don’t have the foggiest notion and we have to usurp their authority with our own. Look out if they don’t do it our way.

We can submit to our husbands by letting them pick the restaurant or discipline the children the way they see fit. When our husband makes a decision, we can support it and stand up for it. If we give the role as the spiritual head of household to our husband, we might be surprised to find out that he takes control of this very well. Maybe it’s our way that isn’t working that good. After all, the sixties have been over for a while, but there are still a lot of ways this world belongs to men. Maybe, it takes a man to deal with it.

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  • I agree with you, marriage is not easy but if both work for it then it will make it less complicated. I submit to my husband to most of the times and I help him in making his decisions. That’s very important because we will help make them feel that they have the control so to boost their confidence.

    Mommy Maye (http://momayes.blogspot.com)

  • I agree with you, Leira, that marriage does not stop after the wedding ceremony. It’s just the beginning. And if we can’t follow the flow of authority God has designed for the family, it would be a more bumpy ride through the marriage relationship. It may not be easy for some, but with God’s help, it’s possible. God bless.

  • This post really makes sense to me. As a new couple though we lived for five years but just married last year, still there were differencies to each other that we just discover. Reading this gives me another heads up about marriage and being a wife.

  • Like what Bo Sanchez said, marriage just magnifies everything about your partner, whether good or bad 🙂 I’ll keep this in mind once I find someone to marry 🙂 Thanks!

  • Good thoughtful and mature share. Thanks.

  • One of the most sensible post I read so far today. After reading this I realized so much things as a future wife.

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  • so true! respect and compromise are important in a marriage

  • And I thought that it’ll be just the same, us when we lived together and now that we’re really married. It is never easy! But just like what my parents always impart to us, to put God in the center of our marriage and everything will run smoothly. 🙂

  • anthropologically, marriage is a union made by men to contain their wealth in the past… biblically, I won’t pose arguments as everything is absolute 🙂 Anyhow, we’re now in a society where marriage has become an institution.. so I go for compromise 🙂

  • Marriage is a reflection of our relationship with God & successful marriage DEPENDS also in our relationship with Him.

    Nice post! 😀


  • Inspiring! I’m not into relationship right now, but I’ve learn a lot, I believe this will be helpful to my future. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is what I see to my parents 🙂
    I’ll get them to read this 😀

  • The essence of marriage. I learned a lot from here. 🙂

  • Marriage is a partnership, one has to learn to accept and work things out with the partner

  • This is a very well-written post. A husband and wife relationship should have a strong foundation in God for it to work according to His will.

  • I’m not sure with the last paragraph, especially the word “submit”. It makes the woman in the relationship someone less. Does that mean that only a man can choose the right discipline for the children or only he can make the right decision? What if you don’t agree to it? We are equals, we should compromise, talk of what we think is best. Not just because he’s the head of the family, his decision would be more binding. Unless you are in a D/s relationship then I rest my case.

  • People tend to equate marriage with ‘happily ever after’ as in the fairy tales but it’s just the beginning of a new story complete of all the conflicts, twists and turns.

  • really makes sense. it is hard to submit to your husband especially if you’re used to be spoiled during courtship and steady. but marriage guidelines are written years ago in the Bible, family should study the Bible together, wife and husband, parents and children, by this way, it’ll be easier for them to do their roles 🙂

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