Butterfly Conservation Center in Bohol

The Butterfly Compound that we visited during this recent stay in Bohol is Simply Butterflies Conservation Center. It is located in Bilar, Bohol in the Philippines. It is a 30-40 minutes travel from Tagbilaran City, 15-20 minutes away from Loboc River and 5 minutes away from the Mahogany Man-Made Forest.

A lot of people were there in the Center, its amazing to meet people from all walks of like when you are on vacation. I met a nice family from Austin Texas and I was excited because my Aunt lives in Austin. Asked about their jobs back one a lady proudly said that she works at housekeeping Austin theirs nothing wrong about that. It’s a decent job that pays well. In fact one of my Aunt’s friend works as a maid service Austin 

Not a Butterfly but a Moth

In the orientation area, we were entertained by a local tour guide who showed us the biggest butterfly and the biggest moth in the Philippines. His name is Arnie and he was really good he informed us many other things about butterflies before going to the garden.

Arnie our tour guide

He showed us the butterfly life cycle starting from the egg, to caterpillar, to pupa and of course the full grown butterfly. He showed us some images from the cardboard and pictures in frames found in the area. He also gave us actual egg and caterpillars to hold and feel.

Pupa (Moth)

the adult butterflies consume all sorts of different things including nectar, water and even liquids from some of the fruits we consume. If you are looking to attract butterflies to your backyard, simply plant a few fruit-bearing trees along with plenty of flowers and you should definitely have yourself a back yard full of butterflies. They especially like to drink from mushy slices of banana, oranges and watermelon.

There are special butterfly feeders that customized that is colored like a flower. They made a special sugar you mix in water to make food for them to eat.

I love this shot with the butterfly!!

My Jumpshot with Wings

According to their brochure: “

Simply Butterflies is founded on butterfly conservation principles. To protect and strengthen the natural environment of the butterflies, through plant research, breeding and releasing. Bohol, like much of the Philippines, has a great diversity of butterflies. But they have been becoming more rare each year. The center is helping to raise the butterfly population, and bring money into the local economy while doing so. We are the first to start a butterfly livelihood breeding and conservation program in Bohol.

Filipinos have long held the belief that butterflies injure and even kill people. We have adopted The International Union of Conservation (IUCN) idea called “Conservation Through Development”. With a financial incentive tightly linked to conservation and livelihood development opportunities; our sub breeder’s returns offer an incentive to work and help with the wildlife and environment as the survival of the butterfly population is closely tied to their income.”


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