I love Globe because it helps me keep connected when it matters and to who matters the most to me. Just recently, I went on a much-needed surprise romantic getaway with hubby Philbert. We left the kids at home and hied off to Panglao, Bohol for the weekend! I was so thrilled because not only was it my first time to go there, but it was also sort of another honeymoon for us (kilig!).
Of course it was a wrench to leave the kids but I also believe that marriage, like a cherished garden, also needs tending to flourish for us to be good parents and partners. However, since we’re going to be a plane ride away from them, it was important for us to be able to get in touch with each other immediately. THIS is why I truly love Globe. It was fantastic that my phone always had a signal, thanks to Globe’s ever-reliable connectivity. I love that I could also use the wifi wherever I am. Since I have the My Fi sim on my Iphone, I was even able to post instagram photos even if I was in a banca in the middle of the sea! Even though we were not with the kids, Phlibert and I were still able to share the adventures we had with them through fast uploads. It was also comforting to know that we can reach out to each other through calls, texts and the internet, even in the middle of nowhere!

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