Bohol Experience

This is a first in a series of blogposts about Bohol. I had a great time that I decided that i should write about our trip  but most likely everything will be posted here

We’re back!!! We just came home from a wonderful trip to Bohol. It was was amazing and I can’t thank my parents enough for letting me tag along. it was an office activity and I was glad to be able to spend time with an amazing group of people. For starters we stayed in Alona Swiss Resort..

The rooms were great and the place was amazing. It could use some outdoor teak patio furniture if you ask me. But we did hit the jackpot with this place. It wasn’t too near the beach and yet it was a few minutes away from the main road giving us time to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Our tour guide’s name is Richard 09198913927 he was really good. He knew where to take us and gave us great trivia about Bohol.

On our first night we explored Panglao and we walked from our hotel to the beach front which was 10 minutes away from our hotel.  Here’s us looking for what to eat for dinner..

When we got there the price point was a bit pricey around 250 per head. But it wasn’t filling just enough to satisfy our growling tummies. But since I was with great company it didn’t matter at all.

Our Small Group

I was glad to be in great company this trip wouldn’t have been as fun without this great group of people.

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