Sta. Elena City is Vista Land’s 300-hectare masterplan located at the heart of Sta. Rosa, Laguna.This is a realization of the partnership between real estate maverick Brittany Corporation and the Quiros family of Sta. Rosa.

Brittany Corporation, the maverick in real estate development and the Quiros family of Sta. Rosa forged a solid partnership with a shared vision for a masterplanned Sta. Rosa. Offering homes inspired by the world’s finest destinations, Brittany Corporation, continuously develops Lifescapes-communities that provide for every family’s needs in a home-in Sta. Rosa, and in other areas in Metro Manila. I was so happy to be able to witness this ground breaking ceremony.It seals the bond between the Villar and Quiroz Family.

The Quiros family, who initiated the grand vision for a masterplanned Sta. Rosa, steadfastly makes sure that every development stays true to their vision. Brittany shares in this vision, fortifying one of the industry’s most solid partnerships.

Across 15 years of partnership, Brittany Corporation, together with the Quiros family, have worked together to develop a neighborhood of thriving residential enclaves— Bellereve, Fontamara, Promenade, La Residencia and Hacienda Sta. Elena—that complement the nearby business and commercial areas of Sta. Rosa.


With an impeccable track record of developing masterplanned communities, and the shared grand vision of uplifting the quality of life for families, the partnership of Brittany Corporation and the Quiros family is bringing a magnificently idyllic future to Sta. Rosa


I love Sta Elena City this  is the upscale property inspired by the charming communities of the American South. Homes take design cues from classic Colonial architecture. Gardens and trees grow abundantly across the landscape.

This is a place where you can raise a family. I love the  exclusive gated community where you enjoy life among your own, in a friendly, neighborly atmosphere. It is right at the heart of Sta. Rosa,which is an up and coming communities definitely one of the most vibrant, thriving growth areas in the near south.

The quality of our homes is precisely what you would expect in a community that places such a high value on “how you live”. Sta Elena City is divided into different kinds of community namely  Hacienda Sta. Elena, Brittany’s Bellereve, Fontamara, Promenade and La Residencia.

The land is characterized by tall sprawling trees and fertile plains. This is a land where homes are built amidst all these natural beauty. A garden city that balances structured civilization with its rustic surroundings. Some of the charming homes take on classic American southern architecture. Wrought iron fences surround each house. Vibrantly colored shutters on French windows serve as colorful openings to a glimpse of the verdant land. The brightly colored doors are a welcome sight.  I’m so sure that even real estate agents in Denver  would love to invest in this place.

The Legacy of Quiros

The Quiros family is synonymous with Sta. Rosa, a land that is bound by tradition and style that makes it unlike any other region in the country.

The family has left its indelible mark by the numerous developments in the area. They echo the rich colorful past during the explosive growth of the sugar industry.

The area is a skillfully master planned development that embraces existing projects like Hacienda Sta. Elena, Mesa Land and Brittany. It will also be the future home of the University of Sto. Tomas and a mixed-use Residential and Commercial area.

Sta. Rosa: Rising Investment Capital of the Country

•The Detroit of the Philippines – presence of major car manufacturers and assemblers
•The Silicon Valley of the Philippines – high concentration of electronics and semi conductor companies
•The IT hub of the South
•University of Santo Tomas The oldest university in Asia in partnership with the Quiros family, continuing its heritage of excellence in education.
•The UST complex shall have a teaching hospital and choice residential community. This is similar to Denver downtown real estate

Close to Top Schools and Universities

•University of Santo Tomas
•Ateneo Graduate School
•St. Scholastica’s College
•Brent International School
•Don Bosco College
•De La Salle University
•Future site of the following: Xavier School, Lourdes School and the UST College of Medicine
Proximity to Premier Recreational Destinations

•Top Golf Courses
◦Sta. Elena Golf Club
◦The Country Club
◦Tagaytay Highlands
•Tagaytay City mountain retreats
•Batangas Beaches
Main Gate/Access Road

The main gate of Santa Elena City will be opening soon from Paseo De Sta. Rosa commercial center. The access bridge is set for construction this year, while the road from Greenfield Business Park (side of South Luzon Medical Center) is under way.

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