Update #1 Immuvit MetaFit Challenge

I can’t believe that it has been a week since I said yes to take the Immuvit Challenge. I admit that doing the routine exercise has been a major commitment for me, it is something I have never done before. I followed Coach Jim’s advice to do it in the morning + I don’t even know if I’m doing it right by doing it barefoot. A friend told me to stop doing it because it might cause me more injuries if I do.

My goal is to have more energy and be fit and to lose weight (which goes without saying). And because I wanted to achieve these goals I decided to avoid sweets, milk tea and colored drinks (soda, juices, iced tea and the likes). I noticed that I have more energy and avoiding these colored drinks is actually doable. All I have to do is remind myself how many calories I will gain with a single drink and the desire to have one is gone! The challenge comes when I need to attend a food event and sample an array of delectable dishes, so what I do is to just avoid the carbs and stop drinking iced tea and drink more water instead.

The Metafit challenge is really quite difficult, especially for non-fitness enthusiast like me, but to be honest I am really amazed at how this exercise is designed. It’s quite expensive if you’d want to be enrolled in a well-equipped gym with well-trained trainers to assist you. With Metafit, you can do this at home in less than 5 minutes a day. Even people who are out of shape like me can do this, too. Here’s a photo of me trying my best to do the exercise routine:

 I am also religiously taking Immuvit vitamins which will hopefully help me fight Somatopause. IMMUVIT is the only multivitamin that contains two essential extracts of ginseng – Korean and Siberian ginseng – plus CoQ10. Together, these ingredients more effectively curb the symptoms of aging.  Ginseng extracts provides the body with the necessary drive and energy, while CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that corrects and reverse cell damage caused by free radicals, leading to revitalize your skin and body. IMMUVIT is also a good source of vitamins, minerals and other antioxidants, which help to build a stronger immune system and fight free radicals that cause cell damage.

29 thoughts on “Update #1 Immuvit MetaFit Challenge”

  • I feel you sis.. I also just recently went back in going to gym. I just started last monday. ’tis my 3day today. I stopped getting fit when I got married a little over a yr ago. And now, I must say, this will be a challenging journey for me. Yes, I can now feel the muscles and body pain, but no pain, no glory, right. Hehe. Good luck on your journey and I am looking forward to your next updates. Cheers!

  • go girl kaya mo yan! i am also pushing myself to stretch in the morning before starting off work online hehe. don’t forget to eat good food so the exercise and vitamins will work wonders!

  • same here same here! this time, i’m into volleyball, badminton and soccer! sakit sa katawan hehe.. will check immuvit online! thanks!!!

  • Good luck to your new journey. We all have to face our own baby steps once we submerge ourselves into new activities 🙂 I agree with you about the gym. It’s expensive and the most practical way is to do it on our very own home. Even you don’t have those bulky equipment, you can use your own body weight to exercise yourself 🙂

  • Hello dear! I have actually grown in size throughout the years, and have been having a hard time getting back in shape. I used to go to the gym but it got a little expensive.. and it didn’t really get me on board, i guess i was just lazy doing the commute from my home to the gym.. I tried to jog religiously and joined fun runs, but that too slipped away since i’ve been experiencing knee pains. 🙁 Anyhow, where do you get your exercises?

  • I can sympathize sis! I’ve already convinced myself to start eating and living healthy, exercise included of course. But yes, food events are so hard to resist! >.< Anyway, I hope we get to the road of fitness soon. And, it was so nice meeting you last night! ^^

  • Even though i’m thin I wana experience going to the gym. I find it interesting haha Goodluck to you! But hey don’t forget to eat proper meal okay? 🙂

  • 😀 been wanting to workout these days but my body is weak….. weak against temptation of nice foods and the sweet aroma of our jasmine scented rice. waaaah! Lean meat gives more energy, have atleast once a day.

  • 😮 wow! How many pounds did you lose? Can you teach me the 5 minute exercise program please?

  • I want to get fit too Miss Leira! Please teach me these exercises.

  • This reminds me to do some cardio myself! Haha. Dunno if doing exercises while barefoot is bad, but I do it too 🙂

  • Go sister! Kaya mo yan, I will be cheering for you!:)

  • Lucky me…
    i have fast metabolism so
    even I indulge myself to eating,
    i’m still petite. But exercise is a
    MUST to keep my body and mind healthy.
    GO GO GO!

  • It’s always good to have a fit fife.

  • geez!! good luck dear!! and do the right diet as well!! shred more and eat more healthy foods no oil involved if you can. good luck dear! xx

  • I applaud you for being so determined to get fit! I am currently lazy to do any form of physical exercise so I am more of a couch potato, who is looking more like a real potato as the days go by! hehe I hope you’ll be able to keep up with your exercise regimen and achieve your goal of staying fit and healthy! Take care and God bless! 🙂

  • Goodluck. post some updates about this. Im gettin interested with metafit.

  • Losing weight for me is so easy. There’s no pain of avoiding the foods you love to eat.

  • maka pag exercise na nga rin 😆

  • Proper diet and exercise are the keys to living a good life. Get fit and be fab always!

  • I’ve been longing to be fit and stay fit but I don’t have any inspiration that would make me push this project.

    Please make sure to complete the Metafit challenge and keep me posted as well. ^_^

  • eating less and exercising more is the best way in loosing weight 😀

  • mejo tamad ako mag-exercise these days, I’d rather brisk walk with headset and of course take a vitamins para iwas sakit at gastos

  • Wow. All the best in your quest to get fit 🙂

    Will try out that IMMUVIT vitamins. The metafit routine looks interesting. Will like to check it out. 😛

  • Goodluck on yuor work out and immuvit.Healthy and fir body is good for us.

  • How to lose weight is like playing your favorite game. It takes a lot of discipline. You can still eat your favorite food, only take a few adjustments on measurements. I’m a petite person, but I felt the need to have an exercise routine also. I admire and love what you’re doing!

  • Wow! Ikaw na. Ako excited na sa June kasi for sure may time na ako to exercise as well.

  • good luck. Kaya mo yan! 😀

  • Same thing with one of your readers, I have a fast metabolism. At 25 years old (today), I’m only 98 lbs. While other people worry about losing weight, I’m dying to gain even just a few pounds. 🙁

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