Fujidenzo Launches Their Latest Product

When buying home appliances, especially one that will run 24/7 and store the delicious foods I will prepare for my family, I do not want to compromise. I bank on good quality, first and foremost, its reliability, and that which will give me the best value for my money. And this is where Fujidenzo comes into the picture.

Joy Catiis-Cruz (Marketing Manager) Giving the opening remarks and hosted the launch as well

I was so glad to have been invited to attend their press conference. They were no celebrities present it only means that they didn’t need starpower to highlight their products.

John Sioco (Operations Director) Talked about Fujidenzo's History and their brand

Fujidenzo’s Refrigerators are some of the most, if not the most, impressive appliances to greet the market recently. They are durable, elegant, functional and energy-efficient and cater to each of your specific needs, may that be preserving your fruits and vegetables for longer periods of time or storing leftover meals or keeping those ice creams and other desserts frozen.

Adrian Jasper Sioco (Fujidenzo Brand Manager) Discussing their new product

I love my Fujidenzo Refrigerators, let me count the ways:

  1. They come in three different models to fit everyone’s needs, and more importantly, to fit everyone’s kitchen. They come in three different models, namely:
    1. Single-Door which comes in 5.8 cu. Ft. size
    2. Direct-Cool which comes in 6.8 cu. Ft.
    3. All-In-One which comes in 7.5 cu. Ft.
    4. It comes with a 4-Zone Cooling Technology, with one on each side of the refrigerato,r allowing it to freeze your food items effectively and quickly while saving you both time and energy.
    5. It is energy efficient and consumes 50% less electricity, thanks to its thicker insulation and an energy-saving-compressor design.
    6. It is durable and functional with sturdy wire shelves and a heavy-duty refrigerator top. It also comes in anti-bacterial coating as well as a push-button defrost system.
From L-R: Joy Catiis-Cruz (Marketing Manager) Adrian Jasper Sioco (Fujidenzo Brand Manager) Nixon Sioco (President & CEO) John Sioco (Operations Director) Diane Sioco (Finance Officer)

It is also stylish and spacious, designed to both add a nice modern touch to your kitchen while giving you the capability to store all the food items you have. Each refrigerator also comes in a big freezer and a flexible storage features.  

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