2011-11-22 PMC Grand EB Photoscaped (52)

What: Pinay Mommies Community 2nd Grand EB

Where: Aling Tonya’s Seafood Restaurant, Pasay City

When: November 22, 2011

Time: 11:30am-5.00pm

2011-11-22 PMC Grand EB Photoscaped (3)
a bagful of goodies from our major sponsor, Smart Steps
2011-11-22 PMC Grand EB Photoscaped (17)
a bagful of goodies from our major sponsor, Unilab, Ceelin & Dolan

Here is a brief background on what Pinay Mommies Community is all about (got it from the PMC site)

Pinay Mommies Community (PMC) is a continuously growing community of Filipina mothers who consider blogging as a passion. We are dedicated to helping each other grow as bloggers through a multitude of fun activities. We also share common interests such as parenting, shopping and others.

PMC was created last January 21, 2008 by its founder Mommy Ruby. Not long after, a Facebook Group was made for more interactions between members last November 8, 2010.

I have been a PMC member for a while now and having the chance to finally meet our founder, Mommy Rubz {who flew in from CDO especially for the occasion}, along with 50-plus other mommy members, is really quite a pleasure and a memorable experience. It was a great time to catch up on each other, and although I did not have the chance to have small talks with everyone, I am glad and delighted to chitchat with those that I did!

2011-11-22 PMC Grand EB Photoscaped (9)
Umami freebies from Ajinomoto
2011-11-22 PMC Grand EB Photoscaped (11)
gifts from Scotchbrite
2011-11-22 PMC Grand EB Photoscaped (13)
loots from P&G

Dubbed as the mommy bloggers’ event of the year, our much-awaited eyeball was also supported by generous sponsors that made the event even more exciting and colorful. Our major sponsors gave each mom a bag of goodies to bring home. A bagful of Smart Steps samples of Baby Detergent, Baby Bottle Cleanser and Baby Fabric Softener along with Holy Seat Disposable Toilet Seat Cover and Toilet Sanitizer was given out as soon as a mom registers. This was followed by a bagful of Unilab, Ceelin + Dolan containing Diatabs, Dolan, Enervon, RashFree, a Dolan pencil and tumbler and a huge bottle of Ceelin {perfect for my kiddos! :)} They also provided gift items that were raffled off to lucky moms in attendance.

2011-11-22 PMC Grand EB Photoscaped (33)

major sponsors

Minor sponsors also provided gifts and loots for the happy and excited mommies. Umami gave us a chef’s-delight gift pack with Aji Ginisa, Crispy Fried breading, among other mixes and sauces. P&G gave each of us a bag of Ariel Stain Lift + a pack of Pampers diapers, Scotchbrite gave each of us an assortment of scrubbing pads, while Geiser Maclang gifted us with a box of yummy Krispy Kreme and a Manny Pacquiao t-shirt. Where as Avon, Ainon and Drypers each provided gift items that were also raffled off later in the program.

2011-11-22 PMC Grand EB Photoscaped (50)Thanks so much to World of Wellness for donating great items for our raffle. This is definitely an amazing product as70% of their products are sourced locally, using the finest ingredients from the Philippines. “WOW World of Wellness” products categories includes Sexy You, Juice Power, Premium Health Boosters, Herbal Power, Mushroom Power, Organic Wines, Whitening, Healthy Hair, Age-Defying Line, Skin Pampering Line, Beauty Soaps, Skin RX Line, Health Protect and Crystals.


Lucky moms also won prizes from our small sponsors: a pair of shoes from Grendha, Barbies + Hot Wheels from Richwell Trading, and a bag of wellness goodies from World of Wellness. Goldquest Biotechnologies also gave cash donations that went to the PMC funds. We also had fun taking our pictures at the KrazyPix Photobooth 🙂

And after the first part of the program was over, we were off to the second part which is the token-exchange. It was most exciting and fun as the moms riot around the room to give out little gifts to each other. Everyone was so excited and who would not if you will be taking home 50 plus lovely tokens at the end of the day? 😀

Thanks to Mauie for the images 🙂

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