A Sick Daughter

The sick son Joshwa is on his way to recovery but now it’s Adrianne’s turn. I honestly don’t know which feeling is worse someone who doesn’t tell you or someone who knows where it hurts and never forgets to remind you that she’s in pain. Last Saturday I had to pull an all nighter firstly because Adee wasn’t feeling well and she would say Mommy I’m hurting, here and here and here she would point it. Another reason is that I had no yaya .Yaya Irish went home and Yaya Mercy had to take a leave because she has the shingles.  I couldn’t dose off because when Adee started sleeping soundly at 3 am. Joshwa was wide awake and it took me at least 30 minutes to put him to bed. By the time he was asleep I couldn’t trust myself to sleep because Joshwa might get out of the house. So I waited to til 6am. By the time Irish came in I wanted to hug her.

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