Want a Free Samsung Smart TV? Just Send a Letter To Dad

I am the least cheesiest person that you know when it comes to my Dad well in my case I call him Papa. I love him and he knows that and I know that he loves me too but as I am now getting older I realized that actions are simply not enough we also need to express how we feel in words in actions and in some cases letters too. Of course giving him a  gift by joining the contest isn’t bad either. I can imagine how happy my Papa is going to be when I win a  46-inch Samsung 6600 Smart TV that has a value of P129,900 or a Samsung D5500 Smart TV 40-inch for two (2) runners up – that’s a total of P250,000 worth of prizes.

My papa is the ultimate TV Addict so he will love this. Imagine that you can discover a new world of web-connected TV entertainment with Samsung Smart TV. Samsung Smart TVs allow you to easily search for movies, TV shows, browse the web, explore Samsung apps, chat with friends and find many other types of new interactive TV content.With web-connected apps on your Samsung Smart TV, you can stream movies, TV shows, videos from YouTube, Sports  from ESPN, music from Pandora and view updates on your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

The mechanics are quite simple too!

1. Like the Samsung Smart TV PH Fan Page and register for the Dear Dad Contest.

2. Select or create your own letter that you want to send your Dad at http://apps.facebook.com/deardad/

3. Type in your Dad’s name and write a personal message about how you can bond with him through a Smart TV.

4. Type in your Dad’s email address and click send.

5. Post it on your wall, share to your friends and get a chance to win a Smart TV for you and your Dad! While you are at it like my entry please.

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