The tickets are here!!! I’m actually so excited!!! Thanks so much to Papa for sponsoring the tickets. This means a lot to us. We really need to get away for a bit and just enjoy time alone together.  We will be leaving sometime in the middle of June which great because school has already started so we will be past the craziness and excitement of the first week of school.

Philbert doesn’t know this yet but I plan to leave the laptops behind, it’s not going to be a vacation if we bring our gadgets with us. He can just bring his phone and that’s it.   I’m not sure how I can do it but I really have to give it a try. I really look forward to spending quality time with him sometimes when you get married you set aside your role as husband and wife when you become parents. I know that you shouldn’t but sometimes you can’t help it most especially if you have a special child. Quality time becomes a thing of the past.

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