Male Bonding

Like what I said in my previous post.. I tagged along with Philbert and his BFF Norman to a bar in Quezon City which was called the NoMixx Resto Bar and Grill.

It was a small hole in the wall bar in Quezon City.

It wasn’t air-conditioned but it wasn’t hot so it was good. What was ironic was they had 80’s posters on the wall but they never played most of those artists. It was strictly 80’s New Wave..

Another surprising thing about that place despite the fact that it was small they have an in house DJ and they broadcast live. Now that’s what I call daring to be different.

They loved the place so much they even bought a shirt.

They really loved  Nomixx Resto Bar & Grill, which was located in 10 Visayas Ave.Quezon City.  Thanks so much for allowing me to be part of your date!  Hopefully I’ll get invited to join them again.

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