My Sarmenta Family

I’m so proud to be part of this family.. I was 4 years old when this photo was taken. It was a lot of pounds ago if you ask everyone in the photo. I really hope we can be complete when my lola celebrates her 75th birthday in June 2011.

My mom is 2nd in a family of Eleven Kids..

My Ninong Gener is the Eldest and he is married to Tita Gina. They have 4 kids Gino, Geneive, Godfrey and Guiller.

2nd child is my mom. Her name is Rescina (her name came from REStituto and  luCINA)she’s married to my dad Gandhi Bhagwani. They have a lady, a girl and they have a sister. I’m the eldest married to Philbert and we have 2 kids Joshwa and Adrianne, next is Grishan and she has a son named Christian Alexander nicknamed Brox who i love very much and consider my own. Last is Rhanesa married to Geoffrey and they are expecting their first child in the Spring of 2011

Third son Child is Tito Dikong.. Restituto is married to Tita Cescille and they have one son Nikko. He arrived after 18 years of mariage..

Fourth child is Ronaldo and he is married to Tita Baby. What’s funny is that his nickname is Boy and he’s married to a Baby. Put them together and you have BABY BOY. They do have 3 Boys.. Ronron, Jonjon and Bonbon

Fifth child is Setrida who is Tita Girlie she’s married to Tito Blonding and they have 4 Kids Kyle who is married to Lynette and they have a daughter named Faith, Aisha who is our family singer aside from her Mom, Sistine who we call Tenten because she was born on Oct 10. Zaira well she’s in the EMO and angsty stage blame it on the teenage hormones.

Sixth Child is Nicholas Sebastian he has  daughter named Derby from his first marriage

Seventh Child is Rosalina she has  a child from a previous relationship Anton and she’s now married to Tito RG and they live in Texas. When I was younger we were all dependent on her. My mom is a working mom and she was always around. Totally miss her!! She’s a great cook and amazing baker!!

Eight Child  is Tito Ramil he is married to Tita Meg and they have 2 kids Arial and Budoy. So proud of my tita he made his journey through fitness by going on fun run’s. I wish  I have the energy to do what he did.

Ninth Child is Rouchelle  she is married to Tito John and they have 4 kids Chukoi, Johann, Gelico and Nishi. I’m close to her and i love her. Sometimes she’s more of a sister than a tita because she’s 8 years older than me. I feel like I could always come to her and give me sensible advice. Despite the fact that I also feel that I can talk to her about anything and everything except if there’s family drama because I know that she’ll take the other side. Long story but I love her!!

Tenth Child is Tito Gerard married to Tita Milette and they have 2 Kids Carl and Clyde. Tita Milette is another person that I know I can come to.Totally love her. She’s like an older sister and she also gives me sensible advice.

Eleventh Child is Reginald who is married to Tita Gaygay and they have 2 kids Reinard and Samantha.

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