Book Launching: Undaunted (THE LOPEZ LEGACY 1800-2010) by Raul Rodrigo

Undaunted was originally a musical shown earlier this year in celebration of the 80th birthday of Lopez Group chairman Oscar M. Lopez.The book Undaunted affirmed once again the Lopez family values passed on from the 1800s, and articulated so well by the late Eugenio H. Lopez, Sr. (Don Ening), founder of the modern day Lopez enterprise.

Throughout the phoenix-like falling and rising of the Lopez fortunes, family members were guided by the following distinct values: a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit; business excellence; nationalism; unity and team work; a strong work ethic, integrity; social justice; and an over-riding concern for employee welfare and wellness.

According to Mr Lopez during his speech“We pass on the torch of generations of experience and business with social responsibility”  He said “You will find in this book the values that kept us strong. For starters, we believe that our primary reason for being is to serve the Filipino people” We shall always maintain our core value and as we call it the Lopez DNA  that is  what now call the Lopez Credo. We apply that in the way that we do business will result not just for profit, but more importantly to benefit the various publics and communities that we serve.

In more specific terms,continues Mr Lopez they are guided by the following distinct Lopez Values a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit, business excellence, nationalism, unity and team work, strong work ethic, integrity, social justice, and an over-riding concern for employee welfare and wellness. We know from generations of experience that it is by living according to these values that a company will be built to last.”
I really loved the way that they presented the origins of the Lopez Family and how Undaunted came to be. It was written by Raul Rodrigo  based on the story as  written by Mr Oscar Lopez who is the family historian.

Vince, Renz and I with Mr. Raul Rodrigo
Jayson, Vince, Renz and I with Mr Oscar Lopez

Under its founder Don Ening, the Lopez Group from 1928 included two sugar haciendas, Spanish- and English-language newspapers, a shipping company, a bus company, and Iloilo-Negros Air Express Co., Inc. or INAEC, the first Filipino airline. As a historian, Lopez has advocated the study and documentation of events and practices throughout generations, across different businesses and even from all over the world, in a desire to draw out lessons that will ensure the longevity of enterprises intended to serve the Filipino people. Lopez Group assets suffered heavy losses during the Second World War (early 1940s), during the imposition of Martial Law (early 1970s), and again during the Asian financial contagion (late 1990s). It has managed to survive each major adversity and come out stronger every time.

Here are the highlights of the presentation:

Also loved the Violin Performance by a Father and Daughter Tandem

Mr Beaver Lopez gave a short speech in behalf of his father Manuel “Manolo” Lopez  who is now  the country’s new ambassador to Japan.He thanked everyone for coming to event  and said that service is a calling that every Filipino must heed.

Indeed Undaunted is a great word to to describe  the Lopez Family they are courageously resolute especially in the face of danger or difficulty. Definitely strong and not discouraged.

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