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We live in a global nation. Suddenly, the world is getting smaller. And changes rush in like the speed of light. Thus, how do we face the new decade? How does learning adapt to the times?

However, Meridian International Business, Arts and Technology College (MINT) looks at it from a different angle: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Although the challenges of 21st century students are in a different dimension—ultra-diverse, globally-influenced, short-attention-span-confronted—they know what they want. MINT, furthermore, believes that one does not need to be a genius to get started. But to be educationally-equipped at a time when social networking is the new language and touch-screen technology isn’t sci-fi is obviously beyond theories and textbooks. That’s where MINT comes in. This new-school institution teaches actual professional work.

The Foyer

What students want
MINT fills a gap in education. “A smaller but growing number of states, from Florida to New Jersey to Kentucky, have begun allowing students to earn credit through internships, independent studies, and the like. It’s a logical extension of the realization that simply being in a seat from bell to bell doesn’t guarantee intellectual development,”

MINT encourages students to play, get creative and explore new ideas in a tranquil environment with high-technology facilities. In fact, the college insists that “noise is not prohibited in our library.” “It really will allow more meaningful experiences for students. Any time a student is able to take the lead or take some charge of some aspect, that student is going to be more motivated and learn something at a deeper level,

Brief history: How it all started
The idea of MINT came natural to Mr. Bal Endriga. What concept is this? It is the perfect blend of business, arts and technology programs held together with a sense of sustainability that would be the first of its kind in the Philippines. And now that concept has become a reality. November 2010 marks the opening of a lifelong dream come true for Mr. Endriga. Meridian International will open its doors for the first time, marking the inaugural year for a school that represents Bal’s rich professional and cultural experience. Together with internationally experienced professionals and educators, he has put together what he feels will be “the future of education.” No longer do the rules of the past apply. He believes MINT will prepare college students to take on the challenges of living and working in a global economy, while preserving the environment and protecting it for future generations. And that’s exactly where he intends to take MINT. Soon the MINT name will be known around the world as a leader in education and social entrepreneurship.

MINT campus and facilities

The Music Studio

The five color-coded classrooms, namely Menthol, Spearmint, Peppermint, Lemon Mint and Indigo, have “blackboards.” Instead, each 35-capacity room is equipped with 42-inch LCD screens that professors and students can use for audio-visual presentations. A clever technology known as the “interactive whiteboard” is used for lectures and illustrations in each room. Glass boards are also installed to replace the chalkboard. Instructional facilities such as the Chatterbox (conference room), Space Odyssey (multi-purpose case room) and Groove (80-seater lecture/rehearsal rooms).

Trying Out The IPAD...

The 80-seater Mint Playhouse is a multi-faceted theater that can also act as a lecture hall and broadcast studio. It welcomes film fests, stage plays and symposiums for students, professors and guests, while its studio facilities are used by Film & Communications Management, Music Business Management and Applied Arts & New Media, Theater Arts & Communications students for recorded and live-streaming video projects. The Sonic Boom, on the other hand, is Mint’s state-of-the art music and sound recording studio where students develop and edit audio productions. Geek Central, on the other hand, is MINT’s grand computer laboratory where all examinations are conducted as the college practices usage of minimal-paper on campus.I’m use that they will also be using a document management software to make things easier.

The Site of the In House Apple Center
Courses that they offer

Institutional/academic programs
What makes it all the more interesting is how MINT integrated three key, tracks—arts, business and technology—in its academic curriculum. Each undergraduate program exposes students to the most relevant disciplines in commerce, computer technology and the creative industry. MINT is serious in advocating environmental awareness through a unique ecological program included in each course. “As these new programs emerge, students are also changing their approach to disciplines that have long dealt with the environment. Environmental Studies has been a mainstay on campuses since the early 1980s, but today’s students are more interested in practice than theory,” Sarah Kliff writes in “Green Degrees in Bloom” (Newsweek, August 12, 2009). MINT supports this international effort by advocating a minimal-paper community and by developing an energy conservation system in the campus.

The college, to be more precise, introduces 10 four-year Bachelor’s degrees, accredited by the Philippine Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Under the Business Department, there are six courses: Entrepreneurial Management, Marketing, Finance & Commerce, Environmental Management & Sustainable Development, Film & Communications and Music Business Management.

Outstanding School Partners

The Entrepreneurial Management degree uses creative and communication tools and new technologies in establishing, managing and expanding businesses. The Finance & Commerce degree integrates disciplines in finance and economics with computer applications and information technology. The Marketing degree, teaches students to learn relevant communication tools by focusing on marketing communications and new media applications.

The distinctive Environmental Management & Sustainable Development degree sheds light on the various fundamentals of sustainability, in the interest of preparing for future social and economic challenges ahead.

The Film & Communications Management degree exposes students to hands-on production in film and communications through industry practitioners as lecturers. Movies and videos are utilized to teach multi-disciplinary studies such as language, international affairs, among others. The Music Business Management degree equips students with expertise in sound and music production. The college provides state-of-the-art facilities in music and sound recording as well as theater and studio production.

Caliber and Quality of Their Educators

MINT’s Art Department, on the other hand, offers two specialized courses such as Applied Arts & New Media and Theater Arts & Communications. The Applied Arts & New Media degree develops young artists with multi-level tastes and multimedia skills such as visual arts, graphic design and video. Students are taught how to use creativity in the professional world. The Theater Arts & Communication degree does not only teach the foundations of theater arts but also provides actual professional work for its students before graduation. Through MINT’s theater facilities, students are able to produce full-fledged stage productions.

Under the Technology Department, the Information Technology degree provides students with exposure to various info-tech industries and mastery of skills that encompasses aspects of technology, information and computing. The Computer Science degree, on the other hand, trains students in acquiring cutting-edge, solutions-centric skills for a wide range of technical and business applications.

The Cafe and Library

MINT Library: The Experience Center
The Experience Center is MINT’s very own library-cafe-and-digital-center. It is a multi-purpose learning center powered by the latest Apple technology from iMacs to Macbooks to iPods and iPads that gives access to digital books and audio-visual references. All computer units are powered by the Internet and MINT Intranet for students to access the World Wide Web and a wide range of journals. The Experience Center boasts of an extensive collection of textbooks, literature and coffee table books in the fields of the arts, business, technology, current affairs and media. Students are allowed to access the public library and other select private libraries, while external parties can access the Experience Center through guest permits.

Global perspective
As an international college, MINT provides the springboard for opportunities and connections both locally and internationally. The college is a partner institution of CIBT, formerly the Canadian Institute of Business and Technology, for an international exchange program. We aim for students to have the opportunity to travel and continue their education and/or internships abroad. This allows students to share, interact and collaborate with local and global networks.

Main thrust
MINT’s thrust is giving back to the community by providing full scholarships to 20 percent of its total student population each academic year. Students, who are deserving, but otherwise not able to afford this type of education, will have their chance at acquiring the same knowledge and treatment as those who can. This is a sincere social commitment.

Contact information:

Meridian International Business, Arts & Technology College

Address: 1030 Campus Ave, 2F Commerce and Industry Plaza Building, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1634

Phone numbers: +632-223-6468; +632-223-7777; +632-223-3333

Fax number: +632-403-8676

Contact name: Hendrik Kiamzon  Marketing Director

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