Our Short Trip To Dipolog

We went to Dipolog from October 23 to October 26. To get there we had to ride an airplane it was a short flight. I took us an hour to get there and Adrianne was very excited to ride an airplane.

Our first stop was the cemetery to visit my Lola. Adrianne shares the same birthday as my Lola

It was nice to see my Aunts and Uncles again.

Our visit wouldn't be complete without a family photo.

We went to Dipolog to inaugurate our families latest business venture.(Well it's my dad's business actually)

It's named after my Lola and it was really so sweet of  Papa to name it after his mom.

After the blessing we had a small party at my Papa's house.

My Mama and Adrianne people are saying that she looks  she looks like a mini me of  Mama.

Adrianne and Sabine playing together. Adrianne loves Sabine so much she tells me that Sabine is her favorite Baby Girl Cousin. I don't have the heart to tell her that Sabine is her only girl cousin.

In the middle of the celebration my dad had everyone sing a Happy Birthday song to Adrianne. It was so touching and she was so surprised she didn't expect it at all.

Happy Birthday Adrianne!!!

The next day Adrianne had fun playing in the pool with her dad. That in itself was the highlight of her trip.

The very next day it was my sister's birthday and we celebrated it with family and when in Dipolog. It's not a party without a lechon.


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