Dragonica fully utilizes the advantages of 3D Side Scrolling system. Dragonica totally liberates character movements by the Depth & Turn concepts on maps. This characteristic of its map system lets the players to maneuver actions strategically in battle. This completely differentiates Dragonica from existing representing Side Scrolling game, Maple Story which lacks variety of movements on map and strategic action maneuvers. The humor in skill effects frees players from the boring repetitive battles which can be easily found in existing games cliche skill effects. Dragonica will familiarly reach the gamers with the unique, special, and simple elements such as Instance Mission Map, Great Boss Monster Battle, and Warfare PK system.

What is Dragonica ?

  • touted as today’s hottest casual MMORPG ( massively multiplayer online role playing game )
  • developed by Barunson Interactive of Korea and published in Southeast Asia by Singapore-based Infocomm Asia Holdings Pte Ltd ( IAHGames ).

What are Dragonica’s unique game features ?
  • Dragonica’s game play is fun , intuitive and won’t be a hindrance even for first-time MMOG players.
  • For advanced players, Dragonica also has a combo system wherein players can chain attacks along with special skills to deliver added damage against your opponents.
  • No matter which level you are in , Dragonica has something to keep gamers playing.
What are Dragonica’s new features for the commercial launch ?
  • Lavalon Map with unique environs and new monsters and mobs to slay
  • Level Cap increased to 45
  • New Cash items in the Big Wheel
  • No more character wipes !

When was Dragonica first launched ?
  • It was first published in Korea and China in 2007

Where is it currently available ? How is the performance of Dragonica in those countries ?
  • Dragonica is being played by hundreds of thousands of players from Korea, China, Taiwan, Russia, U.S.A., Europe and Southeast Asia.
  • Nominated as ” The most anticipated game ” by Gamespot Korea after the GStar 2007 convention, Dragonica is still gathering rave reviews from all over the world for it’s innovations

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